Tuesday, June 8, 2010

featured scale modeller: Karl Briffa aka Briffak from Malta

This is another feature of another fellow modeller. Karl is one of the cleanest JDM OEM model kit builders i know. His builds are absolutely fantastic, mostly OEM looking builds with just a change in wheels and ride height. Karl aka Briffak s one of the cleanest in the industry, interior and exterior wise.

My favorite build from karl is the Evo 6 lancer.

Karl writes for us:

"Hi, I've been into the car modelling world since the age of 15 where I used to add small paint touches to 1:24 scale diecasts to make them more realistic. After these, I moved to the larger 1:18 scale where I used to buy second-hand diecasts so that I could customize them to my liking. As time passed, in real life I was getting more interested in the world of the Japanese cars and at the beginning of 2008 I decided to transfer this interest into the car modelling scene and started building 1:24 plastic kits with the only theme being 'JDM cars!'. I build these mostly standard, out of the box, since I love the look these cars have when they roll out of the factory but I'm taking all the required time to make these as realistic as possible. Thanks for looking and enjoy the pics!"

and enjoy the pics we will. below are some of Karl's builds. More info and photos can be found over his personal website at http://www.scalecarcollection.tk/

interior and detailing pics:

completed models:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

featured scale modeller: Raees Amien aka Dadaman from South Africa

I'm starting a new segment on my blog, i won't be featuring just my models, but also models from around the globe.

My first feature modeller is Raees Amien from Cape Town, South Africa. Raees is more known in the scale modelling forums as Dadaman. Aside doing modellers, Raees is also part of the cool online magazine Urban Racer. (click the word or find it in the cool links section).

Raees says:

"I've been buildling models since i was 8. In the last few years i've been building cars and customizing them. I've started doing custom parts as i want to try and make my own body kits soon. My recent projects are a 12 scale RSR porsche that is being converted into a Rauh Welt inspired Porsche build, and a 12 scale r32 skyline. These cars will have many custom made parts and a 12 scale r32 veilside drag car. Here are some of my cars pls enjoy."

And enjoy we will. I am now sharing you Raees work on the RWB inspired Porsche 930 Turbo. an epic build if you ask me. Let the pictures speak for themselves, and just look at the amount of customization done to it.

And scaled ricers will be following Raees builds of the 12 scale models right here.


the stance

interior goodies

flat six

hmmm... turbo

And Raees other builds, i will be doing a feature on them soon:
the two 12 scale skylines and the 12 scale porsche

and a funky mystery machine