Thursday, December 31, 2009

project CRX on a roll

im on a roll, and now project CRX is nearing completion...

i'm too lazy to write anything, so i'll let the pics do the talking. and refer to previous post please for the changes done. :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy holidays! project CRX back again!

happy holidays to everyone!

i'm on a two week vacation break, and this gave me time to work on my models.

my project CRX now has received some color, its PBC honda blue, 5 coats. it has been polished, but ill be polishing it more sometime soon. already attached all the light lenses, and test fitted the rims. painted the weather strips and moulding black, and i will add the orange stripe soon.

any comments welcome.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1/24 Nissan Laurel C33 Drift Pig

this is a memorable build. one of the first kits i built when i got back to scale modelling 3 years ago. and i got a special glass trophy for the first online group build of IPMS philippines.

this build is to represent a grassroots-style weekend-budget drift car. lets just say the owner crashed the front right fender and hood and replaced it with some parts from a salvage yard. and that front chin is so low that it usually scrapes the rumble strips when hitting the corner apexes. since its a budget drift car, unnecessary expenses are avoided. the result? Duct tape the parts to hold them!!!

owner also sourced some OEM R34 and R33 skyline rims. the R34 rims are uber wide so fender flares were necessary.

oh, that smoking exhaust means he just blew an oil seal.

-mismatched panels
-front chin broken
-slammed and cambered
-rear flares
-sideskirt and rear skirt
-vented hood

-180sx seat for the driver
-half cage
-spare wheel

-R34 rims rear
-R33 rims front

Friday, December 11, 2009

1/24 Boro Nissan skyline KPGC10 GTR by fujimi

This is one of my favorite builds, a Boro-boro build. what is a Boro car? a Boro is basically a japanese equivalent of a rat rod. rusting body, broken panels, beat up body with an immaculate and perfect running engine and drivetrain. Boro are different from "missile cars", whereareas missiles are practice cars for drift. Boro can be in conjunction with the bosozoku culture, and with the shakotan, or a mix of all four. most Boro cars are usually 80s and older.

It is unlikely to find a Boro KPGC10 as these skylines are rare classics. i wanted to do it, as most kpgc builds i see are the smooth and shiny versions. i wanted to be different. this is a two week build and i had a lot of fun building this. this is also a practice on weathering techniques.

I wanted to have a rotting dirty body, with rust holes and dents. and make it look like the owner took the hood and door from a white skyline, so they have mismatched panels. also there are bare metal panels where the owner probably covered some holes. there is also an exposed oil cooler for the engine oil down while running at the track.

i will soon be opening the hood of this model and scratchbuild an enginebay with RB26DETT transplant. :D

-rusted, dented and broken.
-mismatched hood and door
-tin panels

-busted upholstery
-dominoe's pizza box

wheel and tires
-AMG rims for the rear
-SSR fins for the front

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WIP: Honda CRX Si by fujimi

I'd like to build several models at once, just to keep the ball rolling. If i concentrate on just one, i'll never get anything finish in my lifetime. hahahahha

this is a fairly new build. Started this build a few months back, for an online scale model contest in It is a team contest, and each team much follow a certain theme. Our theme is JDM street legal, so cars must be JDM clean, nice rims and no fancy bodykits. clean and simple is the way to go.

so here is the current progress, suspension lowered to the lowest possible height. lowering involves a lot of cutting and surgery and is a pain to do.

here are some wheel choices...(i'll have a blog later about all the rims that i have in my collection)

stance check. Of course, proper fit and stance is essential to a car (real or scale). rear has a flush fit. perfect.

how much the suspension has moved inwards to lower the car

stance check again. i know achieved the ride height i want. now all is left is to properly fit the wheel/tire that it will be flush with the body.

overall stance. the front wheels need refinement. wheels are not final yet.

AND NOW to the interior. the interior is pretty much 99% complete.

color is in black and grey. stock seat for the passenger, bucket seat for the driver.

dash goodies include aluminum shift knob, vtec/af controller(silver thingie on top of center dash vents) defi gauge, sport wheel and an ipod

rear of the bucket seat and detail of the harness

hopefully this christmas break i may be able to finish this honda, and spray some color on the TE27 and Estima

WIP: 1975 Toyota Corolla Levin TE27 by fujimi. full custom

This is build currently my pride and joy. A 1975 Toyota Corolla Levin TE27. Why the TE27? because i drive a KE35/TE37 corolla. and the 3 series corolla doesn't exist in any plastic scale, only in tomica limited vintage diecast.

this is a fairly detailed build, originally the kit didn't have opened hood and trunk. i took the liberty of opening the hood and trunk.

Then scratchbuilding the engine bay from cellular phone cards. wheel choice is also important as i want this to be almost perfect. the kit included 2TG is just horrible. A good modeller friend of mine named jimmy aka crewdawg sent me a resin copy of his scratchbuilt 2TG for use.

The interior, i decided to ditch the original seats and replace it with recaro enjoys. of course, the driver must have 4 point seatbelts for those track and autocrossing days. :D

this build is more than two years old already and is still a WIP. I have another kit at home as a spare kit.

a lot has been done here, from scratchbuilding the entire engine bay and trunk, fabricating new door panels, and sourcing bits and goodies for this. even the exhaust and diff have been removed and replaced with new items.


recaro enjoy and sabelt clubman harness, and some pioneer TSX speakers in the deck
some exterior shots, body in primer, panasports and custom front chin

engine bay is scratchbuilt.... resin casted 2TG from crewdawg/jimmy of i added the ITBs, and custom headers. need to detail the engine bay more

trunk scratchbuilt too

detail shots of the engine. twin carbed, ITBs and a lot of what nots.

that's it for now. i can't fine most of the older shots from last year, but when i do, i'll post them up here too.

hopefully, this te27 can be finished by november next year so it can enter the IPMS national competition.

WIP: 1/24 Toyota Estima by Aoshima

this is the first WIP (work-in-progress) topic, a van. why a van? because we have the same van in 1:1. I'm gonna try to replicate our 1:1 van, but with minor modifications, like lowering it a little (just a little). Also, rims are some 17"...uh...rims :D. i just changed the tires to lower profile ones. It is already in primer, but still needs dome sanding to make it smooth. color witll be two tone grey/dark grey.

stay tuned.