Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Featured Modeller: the medic EK9 (long overdue posting)

First off, i know i'm lacking in updates for the site. I've been very busy with work and everyday life that i haven't had time to build or update the blog. even the facebook account had a slow down. 

Some quick hits before i proceed to our featured modeller today:
 - will upload the completed and final pictures of  my grey AE86
 - some pics of my new project, and not my typical or usual build
 - lined up are some more feature modellers. (i have also updated my links section if anyone is interested)

Now, back to our regular posting:

Our featured modeller today is Alistair Canlas, or simply known as +Medic. The local car club I'm an admin and member of is grateful to him as he started out Auto Scale Modellers Philippines (ASMP) as a Facebook group that grew into a full pledged club about 1/24 scale modelling. Now club has regular Sunday meets and get-together to share tips and tricks. It also opened doors to new friends and suppliers, thus making the hobby more accessible to all. Soon members of ASMP will be featured here on the SR blogs too.

Here's a quick background from Alistair:
"Hi, I’m Alistair also known as +MEDIC (because I happen to be in the health care field) in some forums and I came from the Philippines. I started out building kits back in 2007 when I was 17; it was a Tamiya Tommi Makinen Evo VI rally version, with few panels painted. Started out hard at the top which resulted to countless failed kits. I got into auto scale model building due to grievous frustration of not having a 1:1 car, so I thought, I’d settle for 1:24 for the meantime. I started out the Facebook group Auto Scale Modellers Philippines to find or to be found by auto scale builders in our country and all over the world. I’m very positive that our group helped a lot of new and experienced modellers of tips and tricks. Well so much for that.  I work with sub-basic scale modeling tools and paints (I’ am another spraycan user), I use hardware spraycans. I built this Fujimi EK9 to prove my maturity as a builder and I’m happy on how it looks like (despite the imperfections). This is my build, I hope you like it as much as I do."