Friday, December 10, 2010

IPMS-Philippines 8th National scale Model Competition Part 2

i suck at updates. hahahhaha,. well here is part two.

nissan GTR
and another
and another

and bri g's sweet te27 on stretchwalls

my EG6

more cars

the automodelistas of IPMS philippines bert anido

Monday, December 6, 2010

IPMS-Philippines 8th National scale Model Competition Part 1

here are some pics of the finished IPMS-Phils BA Nationals last nov. 15-19, 2010. great turnout of cars. i can never achieve the shine that bri g, sweetooth and cbrain have on their cars.

some porsches

bri g's miata

bri g's low down hakosuka

custom ambulance made by the IPMS automodelistas

my civic

Medic's NSX

a custom galant replica from a nissan skyline. with engine detail, and a driveable RC

my skyline hakosuka

medic's skyline hakosuka

potatochief's skyline hakosuka

this is a working and driveable 1:24 model / RC

my widebody skyline

300ZR and R32 skyline and JGTC GTR

my CRX, cbrain's veilside s15 and pacs custom team orange evo

pacs custom team orange evo


team orange evo

cbrain's veilside S15, winner in modified category

winner of modified category, mini cooper

Friday, December 3, 2010

toyota TE27 update

finally an update!!!! yey!!!!

inspired by the recently finished nationals, i have decided to work on project te27. still some way to go but its getting there.


Friday, November 26, 2010

pics will be soon as my internet stabilizes

well, i dont have internet for the past week, so i cen;t post any pictures from the recent IPMS-Philippines scale model exhibit. stupis smart bro broadband connection. crappiest in the biz.

for now, enjoy a shot of my boro-boro halosuka during the said exhibit:

and to you SMART BRO communications, a big F*CK YOU!!! you have the crappiest service, the most unhelpful website, the rudest call center agents, both customer service AND collection. and my one month rebate? its still pending since january 2010. so SMART BRO, F*CK YOU!

*sorry for the little rant. i really hate their service. im switching to a new provider once i get feedback from bayan dsl.

regular posting will commence soon and i have updates:

1. project orange mango is nearing completion
2. pics from the IPMS-Philippines 8th national scale model com.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

packed and ready to go

packed and ready to go to.

they will be entrusted to a friend and is on its way to the 8th IPMS-Phils BA National scale model competition.

the scale model competition will be from Nov 15-19, and i wont be able to make it to the ingress, so i ask a good friend to take care of them.

damn work and elections took a good chunk of time from modelling.

will update the blog this week with pictures from Septembers scale model exhibit. (i now its late but i just didnt have the time) :p

and next week pictures from the nationals.

and hopefully to feature more modellers from the world


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

no updates. sorry...

terribly sorry for not having updates recently. these past month has been terribly hectic, and stressful, projects in the office left and right plus training. My 1:1 car needed much help too as i just blew the engine and had it fixed by purchasing a new cylinder head. and on top of that i got food poisoning a few weeks back. agonizing pain. super stressful.

well i think things are going back to normal. life here in the office gradually settling once again, my 1:1 is running like new, and i just came back from a two day vacation. :D

a little update on my projects:
-the little toyota s800 is now 90% done, just need to fit the lenses
-honda city still a long way to go
-finally found a honda civic EK kit, will have it on my hands soon
-and a set of BBS LMs that i will be getting tomorrow from a fellow modeller.

no pictures yet, but i do have a picture of my 1;1 toyota corolla KE35 SR, Kuki:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

featured scale modeller: Karl Briffa aka Briffak from Malta

This is another feature of another fellow modeller. Karl is one of the cleanest JDM OEM model kit builders i know. His builds are absolutely fantastic, mostly OEM looking builds with just a change in wheels and ride height. Karl aka Briffak s one of the cleanest in the industry, interior and exterior wise.

My favorite build from karl is the Evo 6 lancer.

Karl writes for us:

"Hi, I've been into the car modelling world since the age of 15 where I used to add small paint touches to 1:24 scale diecasts to make them more realistic. After these, I moved to the larger 1:18 scale where I used to buy second-hand diecasts so that I could customize them to my liking. As time passed, in real life I was getting more interested in the world of the Japanese cars and at the beginning of 2008 I decided to transfer this interest into the car modelling scene and started building 1:24 plastic kits with the only theme being 'JDM cars!'. I build these mostly standard, out of the box, since I love the look these cars have when they roll out of the factory but I'm taking all the required time to make these as realistic as possible. Thanks for looking and enjoy the pics!"

and enjoy the pics we will. below are some of Karl's builds. More info and photos can be found over his personal website at

interior and detailing pics:

completed models: