Friday, November 26, 2010

pics will be soon as my internet stabilizes

well, i dont have internet for the past week, so i cen;t post any pictures from the recent IPMS-Philippines scale model exhibit. stupis smart bro broadband connection. crappiest in the biz.

for now, enjoy a shot of my boro-boro halosuka during the said exhibit:

and to you SMART BRO communications, a big F*CK YOU!!! you have the crappiest service, the most unhelpful website, the rudest call center agents, both customer service AND collection. and my one month rebate? its still pending since january 2010. so SMART BRO, F*CK YOU!

*sorry for the little rant. i really hate their service. im switching to a new provider once i get feedback from bayan dsl.

regular posting will commence soon and i have updates:

1. project orange mango is nearing completion
2. pics from the IPMS-Philippines 8th national scale model com.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

packed and ready to go

packed and ready to go to.

they will be entrusted to a friend and is on its way to the 8th IPMS-Phils BA National scale model competition.

the scale model competition will be from Nov 15-19, and i wont be able to make it to the ingress, so i ask a good friend to take care of them.

damn work and elections took a good chunk of time from modelling.

will update the blog this week with pictures from Septembers scale model exhibit. (i now its late but i just didnt have the time) :p

and next week pictures from the nationals.

and hopefully to feature more modellers from the world