Tuesday, July 6, 2010

no updates. sorry...

terribly sorry for not having updates recently. these past month has been terribly hectic, and stressful, projects in the office left and right plus training. My 1:1 car needed much help too as i just blew the engine and had it fixed by purchasing a new cylinder head. and on top of that i got food poisoning a few weeks back. agonizing pain. super stressful.

well i think things are going back to normal. life here in the office gradually settling once again, my 1:1 is running like new, and i just came back from a two day vacation. :D

a little update on my projects:
-the little toyota s800 is now 90% done, just need to fit the lenses
-honda city still a long way to go
-finally found a honda civic EK kit, will have it on my hands soon
-and a set of BBS LMs that i will be getting tomorrow from a fellow modeller.

no pictures yet, but i do have a picture of my 1;1 toyota corolla KE35 SR, Kuki:

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