Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honda Civic (E-AT) S rebuild

this is a rebuild again of the 3rd gen civic that was handed down to me a couple of years back.

finished this in two days, coz i only changed wheels and resprayed the body with a new color.

i also built NEW headlights, and crossbars for a roof rack, and a new hood bra. wheels are Impul super aero . why is there only a sinlge wiper is because there is a crack in the middle of the windshield. the wiper covers it really good.

wheels are permanently stuck as this kit is missing a lot of suspension parts.

there are still a lot of mistakes in the build but i couldn't care less. it was a fun quickie build to get me up to modelling again.

and the color was a MISTAKE. hahahahhaha. i wanted to paint it yellow but it came out green gold. dunno what happened but i liked the color.

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