Tuesday, February 8, 2011

featured scale modeller: Tareque/Taz from the UK

My featured modeller now is Tareque or Taz from the UK. He is one talented modeller and he has some real great builds, two of which are featured here.

One is a full custom detailed and scrathcbuilt Fortune Veilside RX7 (of the the movie Tokyo Drift fame). the scrathbuilt body kit is nuts.

The other is a Nissan 180sx drift car, with a fully detailed gutted interior and engine bay, from a pig nose to a kouki conversion. Overall its one if not the best 180sx builds ou there.

Additionally, Taz writes fort us:

"Hey there everyone, Ive always been mad about cars, particularly JDM since i was a young teenager.and .as with alot of people, my modelling career started from building up a snap-on diecast kit. I came across plastic car kits that appealed to me hugely..bought one, and it all went from there! Now Ive been doing it for 6 years. I hope you enjoy my latest builds as much as I did making them."

On to pictures:


  1. haha wow this kids epic.
    keep it up, Alex
    ps Taz ur room smells like paint

  2. Hi Hanzel ,

    Great car , collection & great photos as well.

    I like the way you do the shooting.