Friday, October 7, 2011

hodna CRX and datsun 720 update.

some more recent updates. apologies for photos. will take better pictures once rain stops

i've reworked the rims on the honda CRX. from orange rims before now has the red-lipped rims. got tireds of the orange rims, and this color looks much cooler

Also some more updats on the 720. its almost done, but final pictures will be after the model competition (IPMS nationals). some stuff done:

tool box. with parts boxes

fender mirrors and new intercooler. stance finalized 

interior received some goodies too. changed the instrument panel to a 300zx one.

added also a modern radio, an equalizer and a digital data logger unit.


  1. Hey,

    I am from Germany and I found your Blog today...
    Where did you get your models? I want to model some too...

    Awesome Blog!
    I featured you on The Lower Life on Facebook :)


    1. sorry for late replies. what is your facebook link? you can also check scaled ricers on facebook

  2. hi there. may i ask you. that honda CRX is it tamiya? the original colour from the box is black? or not? thanks..

    back in 96 i have that CRX. but i forgot the brand. and when i'm googling so far is the new product. anyway thanks man

    1. Being a 1/24 scale blog page, it could only be Fujimi. Tamiya has rights to the Mk1 CRX.