Monday, February 21, 2011

1/24 scale owner type jeep by JunRaymund

truly an awesome build from a good buddy, JunRaymund.

i can say this is a one of a kind build, and represents the philippines very much.

a 20v 4age powered stainless steel home built owner jeep (just google owner type jeep philippines and you'll get an idea.) :D :D

started as a willys jeep kit, but hten started to modify it. i believe more than 50% of this build is scratchbuilt. hats off to a great one of a kind build. :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

feature scale modeller: Luis aka Rollin80s from L.A.

here's another modeller for this week's featured modeller. Luis aka Rollin80s. he loves toyotas, he loves old school cars. and his builds are some of my favorite old school builds out there. just lookit his toyota celica! the color, the stance the rims. just perfect.

not only does he built a very cool celica, but also a nasty looking ae86. how bout some bettle lovin with a dropped bug?

he was a datsun 510 in the works, and when its finished it will be definitely posted here too!

luis says:

"my name is Luis Aguilar. im from Los Angeles CA. i have been building off and on since i was 7 years old. i started with just oob builds with testors glue and brush on paint. later as a teen, i discovered tamiya kits and stepped up to rattle cans, decals and a bit of airbrushing with novice skills. with a break period of 5 years, i bumped onto a model car forum called SPC in 2008. the modeling flame was re-ignited and have been at it since. now i build mostly japanese cars, although i do have some that are not in the JDM world. i try to build them with as much detail as my skills will allow. i hope you enjoy these pics. thank you."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

featured scale modeller: Tareque/Taz from the UK

My featured modeller now is Tareque or Taz from the UK. He is one talented modeller and he has some real great builds, two of which are featured here.

One is a full custom detailed and scrathcbuilt Fortune Veilside RX7 (of the the movie Tokyo Drift fame). the scrathbuilt body kit is nuts.

The other is a Nissan 180sx drift car, with a fully detailed gutted interior and engine bay, from a pig nose to a kouki conversion. Overall its one if not the best 180sx builds ou there.

Additionally, Taz writes fort us:

"Hey there everyone, Ive always been mad about cars, particularly JDM since i was a young teenager.and .as with alot of people, my modelling career started from building up a snap-on diecast kit. I came across plastic car kits that appealed to me hugely..bought one, and it all went from there! Now Ive been doing it for 6 years. I hope you enjoy my latest builds as much as I did making them."

On to pictures:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amuse Camouflage GTR

and my fascination with the GTR continues.

this is from Raees, who was also featured here a while back. And his GTR is a very unusual one.
Not only does it have the very nice Jet Model Amuse Transkit, it has a very unusual design, a carbon-camouflage design! very creative and and very unusual for a supercar. But it jsut works well that i really love it.

here are kit specs from Raees:

kit: tamiya gtr.
resin parts: jet amuse transkit.
rims: custom made using jets rims. lock nuts and airvalves.
interior: recaro seats from jet and p.e parts
brakes: p.e set over tamiya plastic.
paints: top half black. bottom half white.
custom 8-bit pattern using two grades of carbon firbe( crazy modeller)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

awesome looking GTR from karl briffa

i have featured Karl before here in ScaledRicers, but this build is just.beautifully.simply.awesome.

the white paint, the moderately dropped stance, and how clean the build is. Also plus points for the awesome photography.

props to karl for a great GTR model.

next will be another GTR, but in a very unusual livery. hope its done. makes me want to buy a kit even if i dont like the GTR