Thursday, August 9, 2012

Honda Civic EK9 track/street fighter

finally completed my first kit for 2012 (strated this in february i think)

i love the EK civic, and i love the 96 style front end. this kit came with bent pillars, had to do a lot of massagin to have them straight again. i also went for blue since i like this color even though its not available as a standard color for the EK9. i also built this as i would build my own ek, with practically coming to mind also, that is why we have functional rear seat with the half cage. :) iwant to daily my car and track it too.

its a little rough on some areas (dirt caught in the spoiler paint and some paint chip in the rims) but i like leaving them in there. 

sorry for not so good pics, since i have a faulty camera (lens sensor is not working properly) i did my best to edit and clean the pictures in photoshop. will upload more and better pics once i borrow my brother's camera.

modifications - exterior:
-17" OZ wheels with drilled centers and extended lugnuts
-Carbon Fiber hood, fenders, roof, trunk
-greddy SP style muffler in flat black
-lower tie bar
-high rise brackets for the spoiler

modifications - interior:
-bucket seat with sabelt blue harness
-black/red interior theme
-sport steering wheel
-converted the dash to a proper type R unit
-VAFC and data logger
-half cage


  1. nice Honda I like color blue looks very nice same white wheels fit ...nice street look

  2. That's one sweet Honda you built Hanzel, one of my favourite 1:24 EK9! Well done

  3. Hi, very nice build. What kit is this and where to get it?

    Thank you,