Monday, May 23, 2011

featured modeller: mario aka endlessprojeksEp1

endlessprojecksEP1 aka mario is my featured modeller today. i first saw his build in SPC and his style is something different. his style is what you would say "sick" (in a good way). elements like aggressive wheel fitment for that hellaflush movement as seen in his rx7 and silvia S15. and also a very cool lowrider project he is currently doing.

he also has a link and can be seen here:

a little info about mario:
"As far as a little info about me: I was born and raised in Los angeles ca. Ive been modeling model cars since i was 13 years of age. Back then the lowrider scene was really huge and being latin american its a big part of my culture. The import scene in california has got really big in the past several years. Hellaflush cars are getting more exposure out in the west coast. I also have a big passion for photography, mainly automotive,fashion, people, and models. I like to scratchbuild my own parts sometimes when i get crazy ideas. hopefully i can start marketing my own stuff soon. "



  1. Hi Hanzel ,

    I was amazed by your NSX & Mazda RX7 exposed & the american car.
    I love the theme.



  2. Nice one, hanzel.