Wednesday, May 4, 2011

featured modeller: PaulC aka Paul Conrad.

another feature modeller today is an avid fan of lancer evolutions, and a local also. one of the best team orange mitsu lancers ever done in scale, and the best part is that the whole thing is scratchbuilt, even the engine, and all sponsor logos and design are handpainted rather than decaled. watch out for his full detail full open nissan GTR. definitely one of the best gtr build out there today.

paul writes:
"i used to collect diecast cars specifically Lancer evolutions, but it came to the point where i cant find diecast evos or its too expensive for me. so i tried building Static models. im a very slow builder, usually it takes months to finish a kit. Because i collect diecast, i always try to make my models in par or better than diecast models. the beauty of building models is that you are hands on and in control of the results, that wahtever you do as long as you have patience and a little creativity, you'll make that piece of plastic better than any mass produced diecast car money can buy."

on to pictures:

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