Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1/24 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR by Fujimi

This is Fujimi's Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R from the Fujimi 345 series of kits. the 345 kits are kits with additional wide body fender flares with ultra wide rims, thus 345 series (345mm tire width in real life).

this is one of my longer term projects. took at least 18 months before completion. And most of the work was done on the body, attaching the horribly fitting Fujimi parts, puttying, sanding, and more puttying and sanding, and endless puttying and sanding. I actually used to R32 kits for this build. the second kit is where i got the stripped interior for a time attack-ish look. i know it lacks the large rear wing, but hey, its my model. and i like wingless skylines.

The result is what you see here. 18 moths of build time. and i am satisfied with the result.


-345 tuning fender kit for R32 GTR, modified liking
-rear diffuser from a Tamiya NSX GT
-scratchbuilt muffler
-aero mirrors
-new intercooler
-honda blue paint (resembles the bayside blue skylines are using)
-turbo vent in bumper

-OZ racing wheels

-interior tub from a Gr. A fujimi R32 GTR
-yellow rollcage
-modified bucket seat with yellow harnesses

build time: 18 months

and two pictures with a temporary spoiler from a Tamiya +ings set. i It does look more Time attack but i still prefer it wingless. :D


  1. this R32 are awesome! Nice work.

  2. This is so the best model and work i have seen..really smoking nice..