Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1/24 Nissan Laurel C33 Drift Pig

this is a memorable build. one of the first kits i built when i got back to scale modelling 3 years ago. and i got a special glass trophy for the first online group build of IPMS philippines.

this build is to represent a grassroots-style weekend-budget drift car. lets just say the owner crashed the front right fender and hood and replaced it with some parts from a salvage yard. and that front chin is so low that it usually scrapes the rumble strips when hitting the corner apexes. since its a budget drift car, unnecessary expenses are avoided. the result? Duct tape the parts to hold them!!!

owner also sourced some OEM R34 and R33 skyline rims. the R34 rims are uber wide so fender flares were necessary.

oh, that smoking exhaust means he just blew an oil seal.

-mismatched panels
-front chin broken
-slammed and cambered
-rear flares
-sideskirt and rear skirt
-vented hood

-180sx seat for the driver
-half cage
-spare wheel

-R34 rims rear
-R33 rims front


  1. very nice replicas of "used" drift car here. I can say it's very realistic and works neatly done.

  2. Man!! just an awesome build! I miss my old jdm kits! wish i could have kept them and made them look like this. truly awesome, looking forward to more of your builds. :-)

  3. Nice collection/hobby, congrats.....