Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1/24 Honda Civic EG6 by Hasegawa

this is a Honda Civic EG6 from hasegawa. Built this with some modifications.

The kit itself is very nice to build, although there are some minor inaccuracies with it. This is one of those "i got to have it kits" as the kit itself is pretty hard to come by. Expect to pay a minimum of at least 1500Php upwards for a kit. I got this from a kit sale for only 1000Php with a lot of free goodies and kits.

Now to the model. As i said this was built with some modifications. The modifications are as follows:

-BackYard Special Rear wing
-front chin, side skirt and rear skirt
-ganador side mirrors
-engine intake under the front left headlight
-japanese plates
-Jasma Spec'd muffler
-Blurple Paint
-Lowered stance

Wheels and tires:
-14" panasports on bridgetone potenzas

-white half cage
-spoon style driver bucket seat
-SiR passenger seat
-stripped out rear seats
-sabelt blue harness
-tanabe suspension damper controller
-defi gauges
-short shift
-sport steering wheel

build time: 2 1/2 months


  1. very detailed and nice EG6 build up! really like you scale model here.
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. i love this website! these cars are the best!

  3. Hey how do I get my hands on one the eg6 if you get this message can you e e mail me at luis.miranda76@yahoo.com

  4. Hey was wondering where I can find a EG6 model, can`t seem to find them anywhere, email me. thug_life224@yahoo.com

  5. i am also looking for EG6 model. if anyone know where to get. please email me at gilliankhor@yahoo.com.sg

  6. I need one of these!!! Can someone please telle where I can get one and the acessories like the backyard special rear wing?

  7. Hi anybody got info on how to get this eg6 kit? How's the interior like? If you have any info please let me know ill keep an eye on this page thanks