Friday, December 11, 2009

1/24 Boro Nissan skyline KPGC10 GTR by fujimi

This is one of my favorite builds, a Boro-boro build. what is a Boro car? a Boro is basically a japanese equivalent of a rat rod. rusting body, broken panels, beat up body with an immaculate and perfect running engine and drivetrain. Boro are different from "missile cars", whereareas missiles are practice cars for drift. Boro can be in conjunction with the bosozoku culture, and with the shakotan, or a mix of all four. most Boro cars are usually 80s and older.

It is unlikely to find a Boro KPGC10 as these skylines are rare classics. i wanted to do it, as most kpgc builds i see are the smooth and shiny versions. i wanted to be different. this is a two week build and i had a lot of fun building this. this is also a practice on weathering techniques.

I wanted to have a rotting dirty body, with rust holes and dents. and make it look like the owner took the hood and door from a white skyline, so they have mismatched panels. also there are bare metal panels where the owner probably covered some holes. there is also an exposed oil cooler for the engine oil down while running at the track.

i will soon be opening the hood of this model and scratchbuild an enginebay with RB26DETT transplant. :D

-rusted, dented and broken.
-mismatched hood and door
-tin panels

-busted upholstery
-dominoe's pizza box

wheel and tires
-AMG rims for the rear
-SSR fins for the front


  1. Man I love your work! very detailed and very realistic, I miss the old days!

  2. Wow, another great job! Mike's right, it's very realistic.

  3. great custom! like the weathering effect and realistic.

  4. super cool! you work is awesome

  5. Had to look at this again for the nTH time! Ang ganda sobra! Haha