Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WIP: Honda CRX Si by fujimi

I'd like to build several models at once, just to keep the ball rolling. If i concentrate on just one, i'll never get anything finish in my lifetime. hahahahha

this is a fairly new build. Started this build a few months back, for an online scale model contest in It is a team contest, and each team much follow a certain theme. Our theme is JDM street legal, so cars must be JDM clean, nice rims and no fancy bodykits. clean and simple is the way to go.

so here is the current progress, suspension lowered to the lowest possible height. lowering involves a lot of cutting and surgery and is a pain to do.

here are some wheel choices...(i'll have a blog later about all the rims that i have in my collection)

stance check. Of course, proper fit and stance is essential to a car (real or scale). rear has a flush fit. perfect.

how much the suspension has moved inwards to lower the car

stance check again. i know achieved the ride height i want. now all is left is to properly fit the wheel/tire that it will be flush with the body.

overall stance. the front wheels need refinement. wheels are not final yet.

AND NOW to the interior. the interior is pretty much 99% complete.

color is in black and grey. stock seat for the passenger, bucket seat for the driver.

dash goodies include aluminum shift knob, vtec/af controller(silver thingie on top of center dash vents) defi gauge, sport wheel and an ipod

rear of the bucket seat and detail of the harness

hopefully this christmas break i may be able to finish this honda, and spray some color on the TE27 and Estima


  1. This is a great website! I miss those kits, but I have no time already to build those cars, maybe when I retire from work hehe!

    great cars Hanzel! great details too! :-)

  2. nice work hanzell! very neat and clean and yet every department are well detailed.
    Hope to see the final touch.